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With years of experience, ROCK OF THE POPS

Without a doubt, are the most exciting function band in the UK


When 'ROCK OF THE POPS' first formed in 2013, we always felt we could do something special, but had no idea just how many amazing and quite frankly surreal times we would experience together.


The band was born out of frustration. Why do function bands have reputations as being cheesy, dated and all sounding the same? 

Individually we have worked in the music industry for a many years, playing, recording and touring with some of the worlds biggest artists and music producers.

But why wasn’t the same level of professionalism being applied to functions bands? 


Thus 'ROCK OF THE POPS' was born and our mission was clear: the best song choices, the best sound, the best performances - A service that brings any room to life and ensures an absolute packed dance floor.

We take our work very seriously right down to our experienced sound men and meticulous rehearsals. Yet once we're on stage its all about the good times and this reflects on the crowd, no matter how big or small.

Whatever the event our aim is the same: ensure the crowd and guests have an unforgettable night of live entertainment.

Corporate or private, everybody gets the same treatment. It doesn’t matter if you’re Coca Cola, The Lehman Brothers or newlyweds celebrating the biggest day of their lives. The priority for every event is creating an unforgettable night of live entertainment. Why? Because that's exactly what we love doing.

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